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Legionnaire’s disease is a form of pneumonia that is caused by the bacteria Legionella which can be found in moist conditions.

The disease can be caught by inhaling airborne droplets or particles that contain the bacteria. The illness can present itself in mild or severe cases, and can sometimes be fatal. It is more common in the elderly, especially if they are smokers, have poor immunity, or are already unwell. Here are some tips to reduce your chances of contracting this disease:

  • Read the warning labels on bags of compost and potting mixes
  • Always open bags away from your face
  • Dampen mixes before using them
  • Wear gloves when handling soils, mulches, composts and potting mixes
  • Wear a dust mask if you are using indoors, or if it is windy

Please take one of our information brochures about preventing Legionnaires Disease from our shop or email for a copy

Welcome to Canterbury Landscape Supplies Ltd

Canterbury Landscape Supplies is one of the largest suppliers of landscaping and gardening products in the South Island.

At Canterbury Landscape Supplies we provide gardening products for everyone, from home gardeners, to landscapers, nursery growers and garden retailers, through to city councils and large sub-divisions.

Our yard at 1250 Main North Road, Christchurch, is open to the public seven days a week and displays our full range of bagged and bulk products, including:

  • Potting mix
  • Decorative bark
  • Compost  and soils
  • Decorative gravels
  • Aggregates
  • And other landscaping products


We have trailers available for hire and can deliver  truck loads to your home or site. Prompt delivery is guaranteed and we will tip bulk loads right where you want it. We deliver six days a week, Monday to Saturday, and can deliver from 1 cubic metre upwards.

Community involvement

The team at Canterbury Landscape Supplies do more than just supply products to keep Canterbury growing. We love gardening and want to encourage others to garden. We often give talks to community and gardening groups and have helped established vege gardens in local schools to get kids excited about gardening.


We work in partnerships with several Canterbury firms to recycle industry by-products, to reduce waste going to landfills and to ensure a clean, green organic product for our customers.

To help calculate the amount of product you need you can use the calculator on this site or call us and we will help you work out the amount you will require. 

For pricing and quotes please contact our office

03 323 7797 or email

For a no obligation discussion on how we can assist you, please call one of our team!

1250 Main North Road
          Bridgend, Christchurch
New Zealand

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